This page is a growing compilation of all the lessons posted to my website, roughly categorized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories, further categorized by subject, and roughly in the order you should study them in.  Start where you think is appropriate for you, or pick and choose at your leisure, and most of all have fun!


  • The Names Of The Strings – they have both numbers and names!
  • Notes on the 1st String – sight reading on the first string.
  • Notes on the 2nd String – sight reading on the first two strings.
  • Notes on the 3rd String – sight reading on first three strings.
  • 3/4 Time – sight reading in the 3/4 time signature.
  • Songs on 3 Strings – a bunch of songs to practice your sight reading on.
  • Notes on the 4th String – sight reading on the first four strings.
  • Notes on the 5th String – sight reading on the first five strings.
  • Notes on the 6th String – sight reading on all six strings.
  • All About The Guitar Neck – learn about the names of the strings and the names of the notes on the neck.
  • How To Count Music Like A Boss – get this essential skill down right from the start.


  • Scales
  • The Major Scale – the foundation of Western music.
  • The Minor Scale – the major scale’s close relative.
  • Relative Major and Minor – how do the major and minor scales relate to each other?
  • The Complete Major and Minor Scales – learn all 5 standard “box shapes” of the major scale.
  • The Minor Pentatonic Scale –
  • The Major Pentatonic Scale –
  • Relative Major and Minor Pentatonic –
  • The Complete Pentatonic Scale – learn all 5 standard “box shapes” of the pentatonic scale.
  • Suspended Barre Chords – add a little flavor to your standard barre chords.


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